Marco Katz Montiel
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"Un encuentro con Marco Katz" una entrevista en Herencia Latina


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A very nice review in the Online Trombone Journal

Trombone duet book
Slides that Swing: 18 Duets to Last a Lifetime




“Katz’s compositions are a real highlight… His trombone writing is expertly idiomatic, and his music is harmonically interesting without being obtuse.”

Adam Gaines,




Here are four musicians who breathe the soul of American jazz. That the recording took place in New Orleans was appropriate as this is the place where the music was incubated, and here is its latest incarnation. That is not to say that it in any way copies the traditional styling of the original era except to the extent that the DNA of that period is still in the ears of these four. Your half hour will be well spent and repeated over and over!

Mordechai Cohen
Jazz Artist, New York City